Creating better lives, one community at a time.
We have a deep respect and appreciation for every one of our communities.  It’s a genuine partnership that we strive to develop and maintain in order to achieve the goals of our clients’ communities.  Our team cares about providing an enjoyable planned community living experience for your homeowners.  Our approach to managing your community will ensure that the job is done right because we care about your community.​

Services We Offer
Texas Hawkize Property Management services provide peace of mind—your community is in good hands at all times. We believe ongoing communication and collaboration with board members and homeowners is a vital aspect to serving your community. Through proper fiscal planning, organization and sensible implementation, our management services provide full accountability, ensuring your HOA’s fiduciary responsibility is achieved and the community’s integrity is enhanced.

 It is the little things that count—and that keep your neighborhood running smoothly!

Management Services

It all starts at home. Hawkize will provide routine on-site property tours.ᅠ We have extensive experience overseeing vendors and contractors to ensure work is completed to your standards.ᅠ Monthly reports are provided to keep you informed of compliance and common area issues.ᅠAnd to help make the community more harmonious, we will assist with social activities, events and incentive programs that bring neighbors together.


Proper fiscal management is a critical aspect of a healthy association. It is imperative that financial reporting is performed accurately and on schedule. Hawkize performs assessment collections, processes delinquencies, disburses funds, and provides monthly financial reporting in accordance with HOA industry and GAAP standards. 

 Our firm is also experienced in creating annual budgets and planning for future repairs and capital improvements.

 Hawkize can serve your community in many ways. We will assist you with the interpretation and implementation of governing documents, and keep you updated on state, municipal and federal laws to ensure your association is in compliance at all times.